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At the main intersection of East Broad and Elm Street, stands the 106- year old Arcanum Hall building. In 1982 the previous Arcanum Hall, located a block down, was destroyed in a fire. Two years later, a new three-story building, employing vintage architecture with turrets and circular open-air balconies was beautifully constructed. 


Our space was once utilized by the Fireside Council NO. 715, a local chapter of a fraternity. Today the building has retail shops on the bottom floor and is occupied by various residential and professional tenants on the upper floors, including our very own studio.


Located inside an elegant historic property, Indigo is quick to impress.  Indigo studio space is beautifully constructed with twenty five foot high ceilings, boasting arches, and large windows for natural lighting.


Our studio is located on our stunning top floor, where Teddy Roosevelt once gave a speech off of the balcony -overlooking the entire downtown of Westfield. 


Indigo Art Studio is an experiential paint canvas event firm, that specializes in crafting the most momentous, creative and out of the box art parties for kids. We offer a full service journey, where clients experience ease, and fun.


2020 was a doozy for all of us. When the global pandemic came sweeping through the USA, our joy of creating memories and fun for parents and kids came to a screeching halt. But now, we are back. And more than ever ready to create magical experiences for your little one family and friends. Indigo Art Studio aims to break the creative boundaries and revolutionize the party industry through a diverse and unique service.


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